The Best Marketing Careers for 2020

The best marketing careers for 2020 whatever platform you’re coming from, if you want to grow faster, both professionally and personally as well. All right. Marketing careers in general. I remember when I first started in marketing, I was working as an SEO marketing intern for a company called healthy snacks or healthy vending machines, human healthy vending machines, which they are now called snack nation. And what they did was they hired an army of interns.

Uh, they hired 13 interns that we just basically created a bunch of content for them. But at the same time, we also learned a lot too. The key is to make sure that you’re not going for something that is a little more difficult or it’s kind of on a downward trend.

So the first thing I would say is this. If you think about becoming a data scientist, there’s a lot of different schools, right? You can go to, you can go to college for this, you can go to a data camp, which is online school.

But I think learning data science. Is going to be important because it’s a lot of people have a lot of data that they don’t know how to weaponize, that they don’t know how to mine, and this is going to be really important for businesses, you know, going into the new age, I don’t think you’re going to have any issues finding a job if you go into data science. And there’s a lot of online courses. You can go to Coursera for this learning that is going to make it so you will not be out of work at all, at least for the next couple of decades. Probably.

The next thing I would say is this, paid media. Paid media is something that you can probably pick up in three months or so and you’ll be able to find a job. We have an internship program here at single rate, which we’re always hiring for. By the way, we’re always hiring interns. To train them as paid media managers, and you can go to single grain.com/careers just to check that out and you can apply for an internship. Always. Always, always. I would say paid media. That is something that’s not going to go wait. That means running ads on Facebook, and we could be running ads on Google ads as well, and that is going to make it so well. You know, you’re probably thinking, well, what about automation? But you’re not going to be replaced because you have creativity, right? Creativity is what’s gonna help drive ads for the longterm, which is actually a religion,

My next one, but running the ads, I mean, we’ve had people here that have moved on. Two great careers at Disney, for example. That is something that is in high demand and you’re gonna have recruiters always knocking on your door. The third thing is this. This is creative, right? So whether creative is video. Well, the creative is, we are thinking about social creative is not gonna go away because machines, machines, maybe they could do a little creative. But what we are really good at as human beings is, you know, the loving, nurturing, creative aspect where everyone’s, everyone kind of has like their own flavor, right?

So that’s all good. That’s not gonna go away. I think you just need to decide what matters to you. Because just the other day, my friend was showing me, um, there’s this one guy, he, he, he does just animations, right? Like, I could be dancing in a video. He just says, animation. And there’s another guy that is on Instagram, which my team follows right now, but we look at a couple of people and they do really well on Instagram. These carousel, these scrolling carousels, right? They’ve really honed in on the platform that they want to focus on, and they’re just being really creative on there. So I don’t think that’s going to go away.

And I think you know, you’ll it’s going to be a little harder for you to find their job, I think. But once you find a job. You’re not going to have any issues in the future. I remember there was this other girl I follow on Instagram, uh, knew her in high school and now she does, you know, kind of creative drugs for like Apple and all around the world. She’s just really creative, right? I don’t think videography is going to go anywhere either. I think videos are going to get bigger and bigger. There’s a lot of lot more cloud storage now. People have the right connections to speeds. Uh, more and more of the world is becoming, uh, going online. So I don’t think that’s going to go anywhere too. And I think, um, companies that know what they’re doing, they need to have a video team on there because. Video’s amazing cause it allows you to build a relationship just like you’re building a relationship with me right now.

Number five, when you think about the treads around podcasting, podcasting, if you’re an audio file, it’s not going to go anywhere, right? If you can help someone with their studio set up with, could have been their podcast, GoTo person, that’s going to go a long way, or if you’re in their show notes person too, that will go a long way to the fact that Spotify, all these big players are really pushing hard up. Google’s pushing hard on podcasts too. They want the attention that’s not going to go anywhere. The 16th I’m going to say is SEO. No SEO will continue to change, but fundamentally like if there is search, if people are searching for things, there will always be SEO.

So if people are searching for things, I don’t think that’s ever going to change. People are always going to be looking for things, right? Whether you use voice, whether you use your mind, that will always be there for, I think for the rest of our lives. I’m willing to make that bet.